Our Aims & Principles

Woodcraft Folk’s work is rooted in the organisation’s aims & principles. These underpin the way we work together and inform the programme that we follow in our groups and other activities.

Education for Social Change

Our young people develop critical thinking skills and we support them to become active in their community and the wider world


Our work is rooted in the values of the co-operative movement, connecting us to thousands of co-operatives and millions of co-operators across the world. We share in the work and share in the rewards.

International Friendship

We promote an understanding of the wider world, and the inequalities that exist within it. Our international links and the opportunities our young people have to meet their peers from round the work help to develop a global outlook.

Children’s Rights

In every aspect of our work we respect and defend the rights of all children and young people, and support them to recognise and take action when those rights are threatened.

Equality & Inclusion

We seek to build an inclusive movement that celebrates diversity, and is welcoming to young people of all faiths and none. We affirm young people’s identities, and seek to remove the barriers that exist to their participation in our movement and in wider society.

Nature & Environment

Through our work we encourage understanding, enjoyment and protection of our environment, locally and globally, and promote responsible use of our planet’s finite resources.


We are dedicated to building a more peaceful world, where all enjoy freedom from war and want. Through our work we explore the causes of conflict and promote positive alternatives to violence.