How we work


Woodcraft Folk works with the passion and energy of thousands of volunteers — most of whom help at a local Woodcraft Folk group. Many were in Woodcraft Folk groups as children. However, others may have children who currently attend a group.

With the support of regional and central resources, local Woodcraft groups plan their own programme. They also have local districts who meet to co-ordinate their own events and camps. Young people take an increasingly active role in planning and leading their own activities, and helping with District co-ordination. 

We have other volunteers involved in specific campaigns and projects such as the Edinburgh Powerpod and the PlayOut scheme.

Woodcraft Folk is a registered charity, guided by a board of trustees called General Council. Volunteers from all over Woodcraft come together to make up this board. 

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Involving the younger members

Youth empowerment is at the heart of Woodcraft Folk. Consequently, we encourage and support young people and children to run Woodcraft Folk. contributing ideas and joining committees. Over half of our trustees are under the age of 25.

The international angle

Woodcraft Folk works in tandem with similar organisations throughout the world and are part of the IFM-SEI movement. An international educational movement that works to empower children and young people and fights for their rights. Therefore, Woodcraft Folk members can get the opportunity to attend camps, courses or workshops abroad. Being able to spend time with children from many other youth movements.

Our international links help us to span the world with friendship.


Woodcraft Folk operates across the UK, with a small head office in London supporting volunteers, parents and children. There is also a small staff team in Scotland and Wales who support our volunteers in those countries.

We run five outdoor centres and two campsites and have staff who run most of these.

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