How we work

Volunteer Led

Our local groups are run by hundreds of volunteers who share our vision for a better world. Our board of trustees is drawn largely from our network of active volunteers and young people who participated in our programmes.

We also have a small staff team, who divide their time between supporting the work of our groups and volunteers, and delivering a range of projects and campaigns to reach more young people.

Weekly Groups

Our weekly groups involve an exciting mix of games, craft, discussion, debate, music and drama. We also learn about local and global issues in ways that are fun and age appropriate. 

Living and Learning Outdoors

The term ‘woodcraft’ refers to traditional skills of living close to nature. Outdoor education, in its widest sense, is an important part of our programme and of many young people’s experience of Woodcraft Folk. We organise hostelling and camping weekends throughout the year, and many groups will have a longer camp or residential trip in the spring or summer. 

When we go away together, whether we are under canvas, at one of our own outdoor centres, a hostel or bunkhouse, it is a chance for us to put our values into practice and build a temporary community – one that reimagines the world we would like to see. Participants of all ages share responsibility for planning and organising activities, as well as tasks like cooking meals together.

A Global Movement

We are part of IFM-SEI, a global network of youth organisations committed to a better, fairer world. We work in partnership with other members of IFM on projects and campaigns that empower young people and fight for their rights. Regular international camps, festivals and exchanges give many of our young people the chance to meet and work with their peers from around the world.