Banana people

Explore differences between people using bananas!


Each person needs a banana!

The leader should ask the group to ‘get to know your banana.’ Everyone should examine their banana in detail (smell them, touch them, look at them). After a few minutes mix up all the bananas and ask everyone to find their own banana.

Most people will probably be able to identify their bananas easily. Ask the group to describe how they recognised their bananas For example, they might say: “my banana was big”, “my banana had a mark on one side”, “my banana had dents and bruises.”

Then talk about how people, too, come in different sizes, different shapes, different shades of colour and so on.

After exploring these ideas, ask everyone to peel their bananas before mixing them up again.

Then ask everyone to find their banana again.

This time it is much more difficult and someone will probably say “But the bananas all look the same”.

Use these reactions to start to talk about how people also look different on the outside, but everyone is similar on the inside. We shouldn’t judge people based on ‘surface’ differences such as the colour of their skin, their type of hair or the shape of their nose.

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