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Brighten Your day

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Make a bouquet of flowers out of recycled materials to brighten a room and lift your mood. This activity is focused on creating a life lasting bouquet of flower you can display in your house or give to a friend to brighten up a mood.

Things you will need:

  • recycled materials
  • hot glue or craft glue
  • pens, pencils or paint
  • Tissue paper (optional)

Questions to think about:

Can you name some of the feelings you have felt today?

What are some things you like to do when you are feeling down?

What makes you happy?

The Effects of Flowers on mood:

Some days we wake up and are feeling great. But other days we do not always feel happy. This year has not been the brightest of years and has had many challenges. It is okay to not always feel happy and there are many thing which can do cheer ourselves of others around us up.

Our environment can make a difference to our mood and brightening up our space can help us to feel energised and put a smile on our faces. Flower do more than brighten a room, they can have an uplifting and brightening effect on your mood too. With the impact lasting for days. Flower can chase away worries and blues boosting energy and happiness.

The vibrant colours of the flowers can lift a mood and put a smile on anyone’s face. They can also improve productivity and ignite creativity. Although, feeling sad can need more than a bunch of flowers, they can make a significant difference in lifting a mood. If you are feeling sad it is important that we speak to others as

What to do:


Step 1

Collect all recycled material you would like to use for the activity.

Step 2

Trace out shape of petals for the flowers

Step 3

Cut out the petals and then grab your pens, pencils or tissue paper and begin to decorate the petals.

Middle of the flower:

Step 1

Middle of the flower: get some tissue paper or some regular coloured paper. Cut a small strip, then fold the strip in half. Once done cut little lines along the strip.

Stem making:

Step 1

Colour in paper straws OR you could use cardboard/ bottle to create a cylinder stem like shaped and colour it in green.

Final construction 

Step 1

Roll the strip so that the slits are at the top along your stem, making a design that looks like the middle of a flower.

Step 2 

Add the petals around the pistil (centre of the flower).  Then, add some leaves and your bouquet of flowers is complete!

Take it further:

If you enjoyed this activity why not make crafts out of your plastic bottles or make musical instruments out of junk. 


This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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