Camp Sign

Design a sign to decorate your camp space


We are surrounded by logos and symbols — What do you think the designers of these symbols want you to think about their organisations or products? Then have a go at designing our own symbol in the form of a camp sign.

What to do

  1. Discuss logos and how they represent organisations. Which logos are you particularly aware of? McDonalds? Tesco? Barbie? Disney? Hot Wheels?
  2. Think about your camping space. Can you think of symbols that might represent you at your camp? What colours might you use? Sometimes people use well known images to get their own messages across (try typing ‘subvertising’ into Google for examples of this).
  3. Design a symbol to represent your camp space.
  4. Make a sign with your symbol on to go in your camp space.


If there is a group of you, you could all make the same sign, representing things about the whole group. Or perhaps make your own version of the sign with variations to show things about yourself. Otherwise, each of you could let your imaginations fly and make a personal sign that is unique to you.

Take it further

You could do this activity to enhance your camp space for camping out while staying in. If you are interested in the history of signs, take a look at images to icons.

Big Camp In Activity

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