Colour walk

Go for a walk and look for object that are one colour


What is your favourite colour or colours? How much of of that colour do you think you can find on a walk near your house?

What to do

Choose a colour and take a walk. As you go look out for things that are all that colour. See how many different things of the same colour you can find.

Take a photo of them, or draw a picture of them when you get home.

Are the main colours different at different times of year? Maybe you can find more oranges and browns if you do your walk in the autumn. Summer would be a good time for lots of bright colours because it is when most plants are flowering.

Are there different places you could walk to find different colours?

Is there any colour that it is impossible to find?

Did looking for a colour help you to see the environment around you in a new way?

Take it further

If you enjoyed doing a colour walk, you could try doing a rainbow walk next. Can you help us make our cooperative rainbow bigger?

You might also enjoy Colour Portraits which is about exploring the colour of our skin and hair.

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