Community Map

Draw a community map of all the groups you belong to


Have a think about all the people around you and make a community map to explore your web of connections.

What is a community?

It is a group of people who all have something in common. This could be to do with location — the group of people we live with or near; in our home, in our block of flats, on our estate, in our street, in our village, our borough, our town or city.

It could be people we share an interest or hobby with – a community of knitters, of gamers, of runners, of fans of a particular band or sports team. It could be people we share a culture, faith, language or heritage with.

What to do

Now you have had a bit of a think about what kinds of communities there are — see if you can draw a map of all the communities you belong to.

  1. Firstly, draw yourself in the middle of the page.
  2. Next, draw all the communities you are a part of around yourself. Then add the different people that make up those communities.
  3. Some people might be in more than one of the communities you are a part of. For example they might be in your school and also support the same football team as you. How can you depict these overlaps?

Look at your community map and think about the support structures it gives. How is your map different from other people in your family?

Take it further

Explore more about the people close to you by making a family tree.

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