Create an Emblem

Design an emblem to represent your values


How do you create an emblem? This is all about exploring your values by creating an emblem to represent them.

An emblem is a picture that is used to represent a particular person, group, or idea – this is an activity about designing one for you, your family or your group.

What emblems do you know about?

A logo is a kind of emblem, so the emblems of big businesses and corporations are everywhere – can you think of some of the most famous ones? What do they tell you about the organisation they represent? What are the key features that make them good emblems?

Ideas for your Emblem

Can you think of symbols that might represent you personally? You could also think about symbols that might represent your family or group. What colours might you use? Sometimes people use well known images to get their own messages across (try typing ‘subvertising’ into Google for examples of this – or check out this short article, or this one about subverting in Bristol).

Create an Emblem

Design an emblem to represent your group or your family.  Draw it out and consider size, shape and what colours you want to use.

To make your emblem more permanent, you could paint it on rocks, or on mugs using glass paints, or scan it into a computer and have it printed onto T-shirts.

Take it further

If you enjoyed creating an emblem, you could explore how symbols can have real political power in our Images to Icons activity. You can also explore how a picture can paint a thousand words with The Power of Pictures.

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