Drawing Twins

A simple art game


Drawing twins is a creative game for two or more players.

In this simple but often hilarious game one player prepares a drawing and describes it to the others. As they listen, the other players try to draw what they hear described. At the end, compare the various drawings and see whether they match!

If you want you can play with existing drawings, there are some basic pre-prepared images to use here.

You can also do a 3d version with a plasticine or Lego sculpture.

Make it harder

To make it harder you can set time limits to get the drawing / sculpture made.

You can reduce the information that is given to the person drawing – for example, you can’t tell them what the overall picture is of.  Or the person describing can only reply to questions posed by the person drawing. To make it super hard, these can only be yes/no questions.   It can also be fun if the person making the copy has different materials than the original – eg. trying to recreate a water colour with felt pens; or a piece of furniture. or large sculpture with lego or plasticine.

Take it further

If you enjoyed drawing twins you might like to try some of our other craft and drawing activities.  You could self publish your own radical underground mini zine or design your perfect world.

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