Get Creative with Leaves

Explore the work of Land Artists and then try your hand at making your own artwork from leaves


This is a chance to embrace autumn, get creative with leaves, and make your very own piece of land art!

Land Art

Land art first emerged in the 1960s and 1970s. It included massive pieces of art that involved moving huge mounds of earth to build new structures like Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty.  It also had more transient, temporary. interventions like Richard Long’s A Line Made By Walking – which is just that.

As well as using earth, land artists use other naturally occurring materials to make their work – including leaves which are going to be the medium for your art piece.


Andy Goldsworthy is a British artist who uses leaves a lot in his work – he has made some beautiful pieces using the colours of autumn leaves.  Check them out for some ideas of what is possible.

The artist James Brunt also makes beautiful art with leaves, he shares a lot on his website and on twitter @RFJamesUK. He has launched the 100 Leaves Challenge – what can you create?

sculpture of leaves and twigs

100 Leaves Challenge

Collect 100 leaves from the park, your garden, the streets around. your house.  Think about what shapes and colours they are.  You can make stunning art with 100 leaves that are very similar, or with a complete mix.

Find a place to create and display your artwork.  This could be in the outside space where you found the leaves.  Do you want to use an open space? How about arranging your piece around a tree or other structure?

Once you have created your artwork, take a photo to share using #DreamBigAtHome and #100LeavesChallenge. Then leave it to be enjoyed by whoever passes by.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed being a land artist and having a chance to get creative with leaves, why not check out how to make your own leaf press or collect some more natural materials and make an animal mask.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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