Leaving a trace

Work in teams to leave trails and follow them


Leaving a trace is all about making a trail – as subtle or obvious as you like – for others to follow.

Leaving a trace

The aim of this game is for one person (or team of people) to leave a trail for another person (or team) to follow.

Split into two teams – one to leave the trail and the other to be the trackers. The trail team starts out first and leaves marks to show which ways they have gone.

Think about what sort of traces you could leave – how about a chalk arrow at each street corner? Or a small trail of flour at turning points in the woods to indicate which way you’ve gone? Are there other ways you could leave a trace?

Make sure the traces you leave are temporary – like chalk or flour that wash away with rain – or ensure you return the way you came at the end to remove markers like ribbons or paper.   You want to leave a trace within the game, but to leave the area without leaving a trace. once you are finished!

Following the trail

Wait a few minutes before the tracking team starts to chase after the trailers. Keep an eye out for the signs and move quickly to try to catch up. The route the trail takes is up to the first group – they can decide as they go. The trail can either end with the group hiding and waiting to be found by the trackers, or back at base, where the trail team wait and time how long it takes for their trackers to come in behind them.

Once you are back at base  swap over and let the trackers have a go at leaving a trail.

Take it Further

As you get better at the game, make it harder by using more subtle chalk symbols on the pavement, walls or even trees. In the woods you could even use broken twigs and branches to direct your trackers, which blend into the surroundings and can be much harder to see. Using twigs for arrows in the woods also means that you can play the game without any equipment. Track and trail has pictures of signs you can learn and use.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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