Make some noise

Use things from your recycling to make a drum or shaker


It’s lots of fun to make some noise, isn’t it?! There are lots of ways to make instruments – here are some ideas, can you think of any more?


Cut the stem off a balloon and stretch the round part over a large yoghurt pot or flower pot. Make sure it is nice and tight, then secure it in place with some tape. You will need a stick or garden cane as a beater for your drum. Now you can decorate your drum if you would like.


Use a tupperware with a secure lid, two yoghurt pots that you can tape together, a jar or a bottle with a lid.  Put in some dry food like rice, lentils or beans. Give it a shake and see how it sounds – can you make different sounds if you change the amount of dry food inside, or the type and size of it?

Other percussive noises

You can use non-precious pan/s, or plastic bowls, big and/or small as a drum, and then sturdy wooden/plastic sticks (kitchen utensils, wooden spoon etc.) that will stand being used as beaters.

How does the size of your instrument affect the sound?
Can you make a quiet sound? Can you make a loud sound?
What rhythms can you make with your instrument?

Take It Further

If you enjoyed the chance to make some noise and want to try out some more ‘refined’ music making, try out some Junk Musical Instrument making. Or now you have been nice and loud, try being super quiet by being Tiny for an Hour.

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