Maze Amaze

A great activity to do with a group or with your household just for fun! Can others make it through your maze in the right direction?


Maze Amaze is a great activity to do with a group or with your household just for fun! Can others make it through your maze in the right direction?

Before you start

Using tape, string or chalk lay out the basis of your maze by making a grid on the floor. The grid can have as many boxes as you wish. For older groups you may want to make it more challenging by having a bigger maze to start. You could also make your maze small and grow it as the activity goes along.


Firstly, each participant should draw the outline of the maze on a sheet of paper. Make sure all mazes are the same as the one on the floor in front of them. – for speed you may want to print some sheets in advance with the maze drawn on.

Grid drawn on paper

Everyone should find their own space and draw a ‘journey’ on their paper maze from one side to another. Their journey can be as easy or hard as they choose but the journey can only go forwards, backwards or left, right. No diagonals are allowed!

Grid drawn on paper with journey mapped out by arrows

Once everyone has drawn their own journey choose one person to be the first ‘owner’ of the maze. Everyone else should fold up their paper mazes and put in their pocket/to the side of the space. (where no-one can see them). The first owner should tell everyone where their journey begins and they should line up by this starting square. The first in the line should step onto the starting square and then take a guess at the next square on the owner’s journey. (Remind participants they can only guess left, right, backwards or forwards and no diagonals!).

Group of 5 children waiting to have a go in a maze drawn on the floor

After they have guessed their step the owner should indicate with a yes or a no if they have followed the journey correctly. If they get it right then they can carry on guessing the journey. Where as if they are wrong they must leave the maze and head to the back of the line and the person at the front of the line should step into the maze at the starting square. When a new player enters the maze they must begin at the starting square. They should try to remember the journey so far, the rest of the team in the line can help them. Continue this with swapping over when there is a wrong guess.

When someone makes it to the end of the maze exactly the same as the journey on the owners sheet they become the owner. This person should then retrieve their paper maze and then repeat. Try and make it so that everyone gets a go at being the owner.

Take it further

If you enjoyed playing Maze Amaze with your household or group you should try Chalk Walk and leave messages around your local area on the street or leave messages for the group to follow on a treasure hunt.  

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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