My favourite food

Share your favorite food with your friends


‘My Favourite Food’ is a great chance to celebrate the most delicious meals we have ever had!

Sharing Favourites

If you are playing in a group then everyone can bring a piece of their favourite food and tell the group what it tastes like, and why they like it. Older children could find out fun facts about the food, like “tomato is a fruit” or “baked beans are haricot beans”.  If you are playing at home you could taste the food if you have it in the house, or do a drawing of when you ate it if you don’t have it to hand.

If you are sharing in person, you could play a game where one person closes their eyes and tastes someone else’s food and has to guess what it is.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed sharing your favourite foods, you might like to try making indoor campfire treats or putting food to another use and making pasta jewellery. 

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