Natural Animal Masks

Make a mask of an animal or bird using found objects


Making natural animal masks is a fun way of exploring your area and doing some fun crafts.

Getting Started

Find some inspiration for your mask by looking at pictures of birds and animals in books, magazines, or online. Do you have a favourite animal? What is their face like?

Choose a bird or animal that you want to make a mask of.

Cut out a mask of the shape of the bird or animals face, asking an adult to help you if you need it.

Think about what colours and textures the bird or animal is.

Gathering Natural Materials

Go. for a walk outside in a green space. This could be a field, a woodland, a park or just your garden. See if you can gather things to make your mask.

Some things to look out for are: leaves, twigs, feathers, loose fur etc.

Think about the size of your mask and therefore the scale of items you will need to stick on it. Also consider how many items you will need to cover your mask.

Making your natural animal mask

Bring your objects home and use glue to stick them onto your mask.

Once the glue is dry, attach elastic to either side of the mask.

Put your mask on and see if other people can guess what animal or bird you are!

Take it Further

If you enjoyed making natural animal masks and finding out about different animals, you might like to try Poo and Chew. If you’ve gathered extra natural materials, then try getting creative with leaves or making nature faces.

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