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Take a delicious tour of the world from your kitchen with pancakes of the world! Eating food from other countries can help us to understand, appreciate and discover more about different countries and cultures. The pancake is a common theme that can be found in many different cuisines — the form pops up all over the world.

Historic pancakes

Pancakes have been part of people’s diets all over the world for thousands of years. There is evidence of prehistoric pancakes, and that the Ancient Greeks and Romans liked to eat them with honey.

Read some more pancake history in this article.

Globe trotting pancakes

Almost every culture in the world has a version of the pancake – what different kinds have you tried? Think of some of your favourite countries or cuisines and then look up what their pancake variation is. Perhaps you could source some ingredients and have a go at cooking some different kinds? There are loads to choose from — but here are a few delicious ones:

Japanese pancakes, also called hotcakes, are eaten for dessert and are really light and fluffy. Served with whipped cream, fruit and other sweet things, and then shared between friends.

A yeast-raised stuffed pancake, Korean hotteok, are a popular street food and often stuffed with chopped nuts, sugar and cinnamon.

Dutch poffertjes are also made with yeast and left to prove like bread before cooking in a special pan that creates these tiny sweet pancakes.

Vietnamese Bánh Khot are tiny, crispy, savoury seafood pancakes and made with rice flour.  Wrapped in fresh herbs and dipped into fish sauce to eat.

Italian Farinata or Cecina are chickpea pancakes from the Ligurian Coast.  Traditionally they are cooked in a wood oven like a pizza, although they can be cooked on the hob too.

There are hundreds more, check out these websites full of wonderful pictures and delicious recipes and try out some of these pancake ideas for yourself.

Pancake Recipes from Around the World

Around the World in Pancakes

18 Pancake Recipes from All Over the World

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