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Celebrate the International day of Education and share a skill or some knowledge with friends, family and others. On this day each year people across the world celebrate the right to an education and highlight the fact that while progress is being made, sadly education is still not available to all children and young people across the world.

Often in the news, media and people’s opinion young people are the ‘receivers’ of education. This activity puts you on the ‘teaching’ side and helps empower you to pass on your knowledge. Everyone has something to share and something to learn.

What’s Your Skill?

Firstly think about what you enjoy doing and whether you could teach that activity or skill to someone else. Everyone has a different skill to share – it might seem easy to you and be brand new to someone else! Perhaps you:

  • speak another language.
  • are really good at dancing
  • can start a campfire with only 2 objects
  • love making cakes
  • have a passion for repairing old clothes
  • know loads about badgers!

Whatever it is, someone else could benefit from learning a new skill from you!

Who is your audience?

Once you have decided which skill you want to share, think about who you would like to teach it to. It could be a family or household member, a friend, family member or someone you’ve never met before!

How will you share your skill?

If your audience is in your home, or easy to meet with in real life, you could show someone in person. If you are teaching someone who doesn’t live in your house you could teach them on a video call or through the window if they live nearby. To share your skills more widely, and reach a bigger audience you could make a video and share it on social media – remember to include #DreamBigAtHome so we can see it and share it too!

After you have taught your person a new skill can they share it with someone else? How far could your skill go if everyone passed it on to another person?

Here’s an example video if you are finding it hard to think of something, how to make two slices of eggy bread:

The young person who made this video has a skill in cooking and would love to share it! Could you learn how to make eggy bread from this video? Then you could make a video to teach someone else in your own way or teach someone in your household?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed teaching someone else a skill you already have why not check out Giant Bubbles or Homemade Shampoo to learn how to make something new and then pass your new knowledge on to others.

This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

Enjoyed this?

Share it with your friends and ensure that young people can continue to do fun activities together.

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