Show the Love With a Green Heart


Show the Love With a Green Heart is about engaging with the Climate Emergency.  It says that we love our planet and that change is urgently needed.

Every February since 2015 people across the UK have taken part in the country’s biggest conversation about climate change. Together, we show the government just how many people want to see urgent action on the climate emergency.  Incredible results have come out of these conversations and the actions that people have taken.

Show the Love is about people, families, friends and groups showing that beautiful things are possible when we all work together.

To find out more about the Climate Emergency and what we can do about it, check out our collection of resources here.

Make, Wear and Share Green Hearts

Get creative and make a green heart to wear with pride and share with your friends and family. You could also send them to your local MP to tell them that you care about a cleaner, greener future.

You can be as creative as you like in how you make your green heart. There are some brilliant creative ideas on the ShowTheLove site, or you could follow the steps below to make an origami green heart.

Why not make a display of green hearts to display in your window between 12th-15th Feb? You could even create a green heart trail or treasure hunt for your friends or group to follow in your local area.

Origami Green Heart

1.Grab a square piece of green paper. If you only have A4 paper you can cut out a square and if you only have white paper you could colour it green or decorate it with smaller green hearts

Square piece of green paper

2.Fold your square in half. Make sure your top corner lines up with the bottom corner

green paper folded from top corner to bottom corner

3.Next open your paper back out and fold it in half again from left to right, making sure the corners line up

                                                     green paper folded from left corner to right corner

4. Open your paper up again and fold your top corner to the middle fold line

                                                     Green paper folded top corner to centre fold

5. Next fold the bottom corner to the top

green paper folded bottom corner to top edge

6. Now we are going to make our heart shape. Fold the bottom left and right edges to the middle fold line

Green paper heart

7. Lastly fold the top and side corners back to make your heart more rounded

Origami green paper heart

You could put the origami heart in with a letter to your MP, give it to a friend or family member to tell them about the campaign, or make more and create a window display. Don’t forget to share your hearts with us, whatever they are made out of using #DreamBigAtHome.

Take it Further

This activity is from #ShowTheLove, a campaign let by the Climate Coalition. You can support the campaign by sharing a picture of your creation using #ShowTheLove. You can also show support by Signing The Time is Now declaration to address the Prime Minister directly to take action on the climate emergency.

There are lots more activities and resources about the Climate and Ecological emergency on our dedicated page here.  You could also make a green Pom Pom to use as part of your display, show the love and give it to a friend, family member or send to someone in your local council or your MP.

This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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