Water Everywhere

Take a look around and see all the different ways we use water


Look around you – there is water everywhere! This is a chance to think about where and why and how we could reduce our usage.

Different Uses

Take photos, or draw pictures, of all the different ways people use water. In addition, draw or photograph all the places you can find it in your home or local area.

For instance: as a drink; a running bath tap; a pond; a swimming pool; a garden hosepipe; the sea; a shower; a well; a puddle etc. Once you start you will see how many places it can be found and used in our environment!

Where Does it Come From?

How did the water come to be where it is? What is it being used for now? Can you imagine how each of these situations and scenes would be different if there was a shortage of water?

You can find out a bit about where it comes from here.

Raise Your Voice

Print out your photos or share your drawings and make a display for people to see. You could put it in your window or post it online.

Water is very important and we should not take it for granted. Use this opportunity to encourage people not to waste it, and to value this precious resource.

Take It Further

If you enjoyed this, you might like to try out our activities around the Climate and Ecological Emergency. In addition, Water Aid have lots of great resources for young people and families about water around the world, you can find them here.

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