Will you meet a friend of mine?

Singing songs to introduce your neighbour


‘Will you meet a friend of mine?’ is an introductions song to be shared at the start of an activity or group night.

The Song

Take it in turn to sing the song below introducing each other. If singing together online someone may need to establish the order in advance.

Will you meet a friend of mine?
Friend of mine
Friend of mine,
Will you meet a friend of mine?
This friend of mine is ________(name of person sitting on your left)


[To the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb]

Tip: This is a great activity to do when you have new members or if you haven’t met for a while to remind everyone of each others names.

Take It Further

If you enjoyed this song and want to do some other musical activities, why not try out Water Orchestra or make some noise with some home made instruments.

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