Window to the Future

What changes would you like to see for children by 2039? Explore your creativity and make a window to the future


What will the world and the rights of children look like in 2039? This will be when the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child will celebrate its 50th birthday. What changes would you like to see by then? Explore your creativity and make a window to the future.

What to do

We are going to go on a journey without ever leaving where we are…

Right now you are sitting here in the present. Wiggle your fingers and your toes, take a look at them. Think about what you look like now. What did you see when you looked in the mirror today?

A time machine!

Now, imagine that you own a time machine. This time machine can transport you back in time, or it can propel you into the future to any year you want to visit.

What does your time machine look like? Is it shiny red like a sports car? Or silver like a rocket ship? Now imagine that you are stepping into your time machine. Buckle your safety belt. Are you ready to go? We are going to travel forward into the future.

Into the future

Let’s travel slowly at first to next year. How old will you be? What year of school will you be in? What do you think you will look like?

Now let’s speed ahead to 10 years from now. What year will it be then? How old will you be? What year will you be in school or will you have a job? Imagine what your school will look like

Now, let’s jump forward a few more years into the future, all the way to 2039.


Your time machine has landed. Step outside. We are going to stay in this year for a while.

The Year 2039

How old are you in 2039?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Are you doing anything exciting?

What is life like for children in 2039?

Do you have children of your own?

Take a moment and sit quietly in the future. Look around.

What do you see?

Who do you see?

What do you hear?

Do you like what the future looks like?

It’s now time to get back in your time machines and return to the present day. Let’s count our way back.
2039… 38… 37… 36… 35… 30… 25… 24… 23… 22… 21… You have arrived.
Take a deep breath.
Next, when you are ready, move your fingers and your toes.

Things to think about

What did you see on your journey to the future? Can you describe what 2039 looked like in your imagination?

What do you think it might be like to be a child in the future, or even to be a parent of children in the future?

Are there challenges they think that children in the future will face?

What are some of the challenges that children face today, that will be solved in the future?

Our Window to the Future

Now think about a way to put all your ideas into a ‘window to the future’. Something that shows what you think a good future for all children would look like.

Could you write a short story, or poem about the future? Maybe create a poster or piece of art, or write and perform a song. If you have access to technology, could you create a digital illustration or an animation?

Take it Further

Who could you share your ideas with for a window to the future? Could you send a poem to your local paper? Or a photo of your picture or poster to your MP. Let’s let the people in charge know what children and young people want the future to be like.

This activity has been adapted from the Unicef Outright Pack 2019 – Find more of their work on children’s rights on their website.

If you liked this activity and want to explore more about children’s rights check out String of Rights to further your knowledge on the subject and find out more about your rights and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child – and see which are most important to you.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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