Span the World with Friendship postcards

Span the world with friendship by sending postcards to other groups or your friends.


We talk a lot about spanning the world with friendship — here is a first step. By sending Woodcraft Folk postcards to other groups, we can spread a little joy and fellowship.

What to do

Attached is a PDF which can be printed on light card (210gsm works well).

Cut each sheet into 4 postcards — colour and decorate any way you wish!

You could also start with plain postcards and decorate them.

After that, write a quick note on the back. If you want, you can then add your address on the back too and ask for a postcard in return.

If anyone wants to use this activity, we would be happy to receive a postcard and send one back, email [email protected] for a postal address.

It might be fun to look through an atlas to see where your woodcraft folk postcards went to, when and if you get responses.

Take it Further

Woodcraft Folk works in tandem with similar organisations throughout the world and are part of the IFM-SEI movement. An international educational movement that works to empower children and young people and fights for their rights. Discover something about these likeminded organisations around the world — Who knows where it could take you!

Learn some words in a new language by trying out our activity Hello! This could help you communicate with your new friends.


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