World without War

Imagine a world without war.


‘World without War’ is a chance to use role play and drama to explore a peaceful future.

Getting Started

Imagine how things would be different if there weren’t any wars…

Each person in the group should take on the role of a different character in the list below.

  • Soldier
  • Inventor
  • Child soldier
  • Journalist
  • Governments
  • Farmer
  • Arms manufacturer
  • Family

You can think of your own characters who are effected by war and add them to the list too.

Round One

In the first round, talk about what your role is in a war. Start by going around the group one by one. When it gets to you, get into character and talk about what war means to you and what you do during war.

If anyone struggles, others in the group can chip in and help them build a picture of their character’s role in wartime.

Round Two

In the second round, each person should act out what they think their character would be doing if there weren’t any wars going on. Talk with each other about what your lives are like.

Wrapping Up

After about 10 minutes ask everyone to step out of their characters and discuss what they learned. What was life like without war? How were things better? Was anything worse? How could any bad effects – such as unemployment for soldiers – be mitigated? What could we all do to work towards a world without war?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed exploring a World Without War, why not try. some other role playing games such as Play Your Role or Representing Others.

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