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Time: 40-60 mins
Topic: Environment, Democracy, International, Justice
Location: Inside
  Youth Statement challenge During the conference the young people involved in COY16 create a statement of their demands and recommendations. The statement will have input from young people all over the globe from different nationalities and backgrounds. Youth organisations have been encouraged to get involved and create their own pledges. Here at Woodcraft we… Read More »Create a Youth Statement
Time: 10-20 mins
Topic: Identity & Culture, Just for Fun
Location: Online
Using Shemza Digital Art you can create your own artwork online inspired by the work of Anwar Jalal Shemza which could then be used in a real life art installation in the future. 
Time: 10-20 mins
Topic: Cooperation
Location: Online, Outside, Inside
Celebrate the International day of Education and share a skill or some knowledge with friends, family and others. On this day each year people across the world celebrate the right to an education and highlight the fact that while progress is being made, sadly education is still not available to all children and young people across the… Read More »Share a Skill
Time: 20-40 mins
Topic: Wellbeing
Location: Online, Inside
Bring a little joy to those who may not see their family or friends this festive season
Time: 40-60 mins
Topic: Environment
Location: Outside
Litter picking can be one of the best and easiest ways to take social action in your area! 
Time: 40-60 mins
Topic: Identity & Culture
Location: Online, Inside
Go on a time travelling adventure by making a time capsule
Time: 5-10 mins
Topic: Cooperation, Just for Fun
Location: Outside, Inside
Work together to build a giant rainbow as a massive celebration of Pride Month