Fundraising Hub

We are hoping that many Woodcraft Folk supporters, groups and districts can help contribute to our fundraising drive to support the organisation financially at this time of need.

Below you can find key resources to use in your local fundraising activities.

If you’re instead looking to make a donation right now, please see the donation page.

Set up your own fundraiser

It is quick and easy to set up an online personal or local fundraising page that you can invite people to donate to.
Simply follow the JustGiving instructions.

Share an appeal letter

You can use our template appeal letter as a starting point to ask parents, grandparents and friends to contribute to the appeal.

Local Fundraising ideas pack

We have put together a pack of fundraising ideas that your group or district can use when working with young people to raise funds for the appeal.

Share the WhatsApp and Facebook appeal

.We are asking Woodcraft Folk supporters to share these images with friends, parents and grandparents. WhatsApp and Facebook regret places to spread the word about our appeal. 

In particular, we are trying to reach the many thousands of people who have benefited from the Folk and have fond memories but who have perhaps been less involved recently.

Tap on the image of your choice, and download it to your device. Then share to your groups of contacts via Facebook or WhatsApp – and ask them to pass it on.