Children’s Rights Act

Remind yourself or your group of the Convention of the Rights of the Child and act out each statement for others to guess. 


Children’s Rights Act is a great game that helps remind yourself or your group about the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child in a fun and engaging way. You can do this activity with your household, friends, family, youth group or class.

What to do

Firstly have a look at the articles that make up the convention. These are like the rules that should be followed to make sure that all children have their needs met and their rights protected and respected.

Allow everyone to see the list at first and go through a few of the articles that may need a little more explaining.

Choose a participant to go first. They should choose an article from the list and mime/act without any noise the article they have chosen. For example if they have chosen article 16 – the right to privacy they may do actions to show they are being ‘private’ or having space. (some will be easier to act out than others!)

Once someone guesses what the person is acting out they can swap over. Try to make it so that everyone gets a turn to act if they want to.

You could make the game slightly harder for older participants by choosing the article they need to act out for them.

Take it Further

UNICEF have created this colourful and simple to read version of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. There is also a really good breakdown and explanation of each article.

If you enjoyed Children’s Rights Act and want to develop your understanding of the convention and the articles you have acted out you could try Children’s Rights Treasure Hunt to remind yourself of the rights and find them!


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