Flag Making

Make your very own flag


This is a chance to make your very own flag!


Look at some flags from across the world from different countries and organisations. This website has flags from all the countries in the world.

Which ones draw your attention? What about them do you like? Are there some colours that are more popular than others? How about shapes or symbols?

Do the flags tell you something about the country or organisation they represent?

Flag Making – ideas

Now to make a flag all about you!

What colours and shapes will you choose? Are there other things you would like to include?

What are your favourite colours? Are there particular shapes or symbols that represent you? How about an animal or an image of a place or thing?  Are there symbols that represent things you care about – like a heart, a star or a dove of peace?

Flag Making – creating

Get together some making materials – you will need a piece of paper, card or fabric to be the base of your flag. You can then use whatever you would like. to decorate it with your chosen design. You could draw something with coloured pens or pencils, you could paint or stick things on.

When you’ve finished you could put it up in your window or on your bedroom door, or share it with your friends.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed making a flag, you could try making a miniature campsite or collecting a natural colour palette.

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