Let’s Talk About Refugees


The ‘Lets Talk About Refugees’ resource pack is a great way to get a good introduction for talking about and starting thinking around the topic of refugee and migrant issues.

Refugee and migrant issues are important to talk about as young people. Many people are  forced to leave their homes due to war, climate change and famine – finding out about it is the first step towards doing something about it. The resource pack aims to raise awareness, give accurate information and bust some myths that we often see in the UK press about refugees.

Resource 1:

Use this interactive infographic to work out how to define M. It is always important to know what we mean when we use certain words. Use the definitions below to help you to understand which terminology we should use and when.



Resource 2:

What’s it like to be a refugee? What happens when people are suddenly forced to leave their country, family and friends? Watch this testimony from Bobo. Bobo fled Guinea Bissau to find a better life in Europe as a teenager. The video also shares the challenges he faced during his journey.


Resource 3:

How much do you know about refugees? Take this quiz to find out, and challenge some common misconceptions around the topic. You will receive your score and some information about each question at the end of the quiz. This is great to do with a group to see what you know and raise awareness around the questions you need correcting on.

Find the quiz here.

Resource 4:

This infographic is helpful for statistics and headline facts about refugees. Where do people come from and go when they are forced to leave their homes?


Resource 5:

This powerpoint (attached below) is full of ideas of how to use your knowledge to find out more, get involved and other organisations that are exploring and assisting with refugee and migrant issues.

resource 5 – ppt

Take it further

If you have found this information interesting then further your knowledge and share your understanding with others by creating a Refugee Board Game.



It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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