Lockdown Cinema


Turn your lockdown watching into an adventure by creating a lockdown cinema around your device.

Over the past year we haven’t been able to visit the cinema or theatre as much as we might have done usually. This activity brings the cinema and/or theatre to your home using only a few materials.


Find a cardboard box. This could be a shoe box or a cereal or pizza box. Be creative with whatever you have at your home!

First thing is to make a hole for the screen. Measure your screen and cut a hole in the back of the box that is the same size. Note, if you are using a tablet or a phone to watch in your cinema cut only 3 sides of your screen hole and leave a little at the top so that your screen can stand up in the cinema (you might need some support behind it to stop it falling down).


In a cinema around the screen is often black to make the screen more bright. You could paint black or a dark colour around your screen hole. If you want your experience to be more like the theatre you could draw some intricate designs around your screen to be like a real theatre.

Next make your cinema a bit more luxurious with some red curtains. These can be made from real fabric, tissue paper or some spare card/paper. Add on any other decorations you want around your screen such as mini bunting, sparkle or curtain ties.

Now make some seats so that you are not alone in your theatre. Cut as many seats as you want out of card. Your cinema could be drive in so you could add toy cars or cars made out of card instead of seats. Add in as many different seats, thrones, benches or vehicles as you want to to make it your own.

Grab some snacks as you are ready for your lockdown cinema experience!

Take it Further

Share with us your lockdown cinema creations and experiences. If you share on social media don’t forget to #DreamBigAtHome.


If you enjoyed making your lockdown cinema and wowing your family and friends with it you could try making Floating Flowers to make more magic happen at home!



This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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