Pasta jewellery

make some fashionable and edible jewelry


Pasta jewellery is quick and fun to make – and then to wear!

Getting Started

Before you start, prepare some lengths of your yarn or string by wrapping the end in some sellotape to make a threader.  Wool is fun to use as you can pick different colours to bring some vibrancy to your jewellery.  If your pasta has large enough holes, you could plait several different colours of wool together to make your string.

Decorating your beads

You can decorate your pasta beads now if you like with felt tips or paint, or else dive straight in with natural coloured beads.

You could colour in all the beads the same colour, or choose a different colour for each bead.  If you have slightly bigger pasta shapes you could even try different patterns on each piece of pasta!

Creating Your Pasta Jewellery

Tie a piece of your pasta to the non-threading end of your string.  This is so that the pieces you thread on won’t fall off.

Thread your pasta onto your yarn or string to make a necklace or bracelet. If you have decorated your beads differently from each other, don’t forget to think about which ones will look best next to each. other.

Tie off at the end – wear and enjoy!

Take it Further

If you enjoyed this, you may like to try out making a natural colour palette or building a miniature campsite.

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