Rainbow street

Can you solve the riddle and discover who lives in which house?


Can you find out who lives in which house on Rainbow Street? Use your skills of deduction to solve the riddle of their lives…


  1. Look at the PDF and find out who lives in which house on rainbow Street with the help of the clues below the picture.
  2. After 15 minutes check-out the solution, and find out if you got it right.
  3. Draw your own home and the people you live with – how about the households of your neighbours and friends? Are they similar or different to your own?


Firstly, what are the differences between these families?

Secondly, is there anything good or bad about families being different?

Finally, in which of these families would you like to live? Why?

All families are different and everyone prefers to live in different settings. It doesn’t matter if someone lives with two fathers, or one grandfather, or two mothers, or one father and one mother, or without their birth parents, but with other adults and with children who are not their biological siblings – they can all care for them, or be too strict, or be very funny, or very different from themselves.

Rainbow Street riddle solution

  • 1st house: Paul, Lloyd, Andy, Anna
  • 2nd house: Tim, Nadja
  • 3rd house: Simon, Sarah
  • 4th house: Martina, Tom Carly

Take it Further

This is an activity from the IFM-SEI publication Rainbow Resources.  It contains educational activities on issues such as identity, gender equality, heteronormativity, bullying, love and families in order to promote human rights education with children on sexuality and gender rights. A PDF of the full book is available here in a range of languages.

Think a bit more about you own family by trying out our activity Investigating family.


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