Spring Nature Bingo

Make your walks, scooters and skates more interesting and exciting and take in the most of the world around us


Make your walks, scooters and skates more interesting and exciting and take in the most of the world around us. Use Spring Nature Bingo Cards to see what you can find in your local area.

In the spring the weather is getting warmer and everything begins to come to life. Plants begin spring-ing up and colours are all around us! Can you spot 12 items on a spring adventure in your local area?

What to do

Firstly you need to make your bingo cards so you know what you are looking out for. You can use the Spring Nature Bingo Cards Here and print them (or look at it on a smart phone whilst out and about) or you can draw your own bingo card and add in objects yourself.

If you are making your own card, start with a grid with a square for each thing you think you might see.  You can make it any size you would like – if it is a bigger grid, eg. 5 x 5 boxes, you could see how quickly you can get to a full line first. After this you can try to see everything on your sheet.  If it is smaller like our example – with only 12 boxes – then you need to try and see everything before shouting BINGO.

Once you have printed or made your card head out on your walk. Don’t forget to take a pencil with you so you can cross off each item as you find it. Whilst you are out see what else you can spot to maybe add to your bingo card for next time. If you want to head somewhere new on your walk you can use this helpful footpath map to explore your area.

After you have crossed off everything on the card – or got a full line if you’ve made a larger card – you can shout BINGO! Can you find all the items more quickly than others in your household? Who can find the most of each item? Who can find the biggest and smallest of each item?

Remember when we are out and about we don’t want to interrupt the life of nature and animals in our areas. When you find your objects you could take a picture of them or draw them into your square on your bingo card, or just cross them off.  You shouldn’t pick anything living from the ground.

Take it Further

Spring nature bingo is great fun but we won’t necessarily find the exact same items in summer, autumn and winter. Check back in a few months for Summer nature bingo, or make your own and share it with us. When sharing on social media don’t forget to use #DreamBigAtHome

If you enjoyed playing nature bingo whilst out on your walks you could check out Spring Identification to help others in the area identify the nature they are seeing on their adventures in your area!


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