We’re going on an adventure

Get packed and ready for your big adventure


We’re going on an adventure – would you like to come?

Where to go?

Decide on a place you’d like to go. It could be anywhere, from The Lake District to New York, or even the Amazon rainforest or the moon!

Think about what it’s like there. You could do some research in a guide book or online.

Get Ready

Pack up a suitcase of things that you’ll need. An umbrella? Suncream? Comfortable shoes? Fancy outfits? Binoculars?! How about a snack or a drink to keep you going on your adventures?

What’s it like?

Is it hot? Super wet? Very windy? Is the floor soft and sandy or sticky and muddy? Are you standing on the flat ground or on a steep mountain – or even in the sea?!

Use your different senses to get to know this place – you might want to close your eyes so you can imagine it more clearly…

  1. What can you see? What’s around you? What do they look like?
  2. What can you hear? Can you hear the wind? Waves in the sea? Animals of birds? Cars or trains?
  3. What can you smell? Is it a nice smell or a horrible one? Salty or sweet? Strong or mild?
  4. What can you feel? Is the world around you soft or hard? Smooth or bumpy?


How will you get around? Are there roads or railways? Will you walk? Can you fly? Or jump very high?


What will you do on your adventure? Are you going to go exploring? Is there a mystery to solve? Someone or something to help out? Someone or something to run away from? Perhaps you could draw a picture of your adventures!

Take It Further

If you enjoyed going on an adventure, you might like to try Camping Out while Staying In or being tiny for an hour.

Big Camp In Activity

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