When I go to Camp…

A fun game to test your memory — what were all the things that you were going to bring to camp?


When I go to camp… is a game played in a clearly defined area — usually a circle. However with a bit of planning to define player order, it can also be played online.

How to play

First person begins “When I go to Camp I will take…” and names something they would take, like  “a tent”.

The next person repeats “When I go to Camp I will take a tent…” and adds something else.

This continues around the group with everyone repeating the list of equipment and adding something else on.

Continue until someone forgets – that person has to start the next go


Instead of listing what you would take to camp, you could use:

The Minister’s Cat is…
I went to the shops and I bought…
Come up with your very own unique own starter!

You can play a movement version of this verbal game. The first player makes a movement (eg touches nose). The second player repeats that movement and adds another one (eg nods head). Continue around the circle adding movements until everyone has had a turn.

Take it further

This is taken from the book Games, Games, Games, a publication with around 250 group games. The games are essentially co-operative in nature and develop skills and attitudes which encourage learning together and supporting one another.

If you enjoyed playing this game in your group, you could also try playing In the manner of the word.

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