Arms Trade 101 and Intersecting Issues with CAAT

Join Siana from CAAT for an overview of what they do and how we can begin to intersect issues in our world

‘People Not War’:

Slide 1: Front cover of ‘People Not War’ zine, edited by Siana Bangura; front cover design by Letty Wilson

Slide 6: Art by Ahmed Jahaf 

Slide 7, 10, 13 : Lyrics from ‘Soundtrack to the Struggle’, by Lowkey:

Slide 15: Art by Ralph Steadman

Slide 18: ‘The Stranger’, by Amina Atiq

Slide 19: Art by Saba Jallas, ‘Dawn’

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Panel Talks:

Reading Series Talks (Playlist):

Amina Atiq reading ‘The Stranger’:

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