Around the World

A fun and energetic twist on a quiz. Can you get your questions all around the world!


This is a quick fire, energetic version of a quiz — a chance to get your questions around the world!

What to do

Prepare some questions and answers in advance. You could theme these to complement a topic or issue you have been thinking about recently. Otherwise you could pick up on something that has been going on in your area or on the news.

You will need to get everyone sitting in one big circle. Socially distanced as appropriate – if you are in a physical meeting. However, if online, create a circle by letting everyone know who is before and after them.

Choose which point in the circle you are starting from and ask the first two people to stand up. The leader reads out a question and the first person to answer correctly stays standing. (if this gets complicated they could make a noise before they answer/do an action).

Next ask the third person from the circle to stand up.

Ask the next question to them and the person still standing. Again the first correct answerer stays standing up and you continue around the circle until you have asked quiz questions all “around the world.”

Take it further

Ask young people to come up with their own questions for the group and have different leaders for different rounds. Take a look at our quiz creation activity for some pointers to devise quiz questions.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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