Quiz Creation

Become a Conundrum Captain, a Brain Guru, a Mega Mysterion - it's time to get your quiz on!


Become a Conundrum Captain, a Brain Guru, a Mega Mysterion – it’s time to get your quiz on with quiz creation!

Get together a selection of quiz questions or riddles to test the intellects and responses of your friends and family.

Quizzing Ideas

  1. You could choose a theme to base your questions around – perhaps you are an expert on Philip Pullman’s books, types of sweet sold in your local shop or species of dinosaur? If so, it is time to put your expertise to good use and write a quiz round on your subject.
  2. You could go for a more personal touch and put together a round all about you, or the history of your family or friend group – can anyone else remember what colour the climbing frame in the park you visited last summer was? How about what your nan’s favourite type of cake is? Can they guess your favourite and least favourite breakfast cereal?
  3. If you prefer images to words, maybe you can make a picture round – get together photos of famous people to see if others can recognise them, or photos of you all as babies to see if everyone can guess who grew up to be who, or some other crazy rounds – what about close up photos of objects for people to guess what they are?
  4. Into your music? Put together a music round – can everyone guess the track from the intro, pair the theme tune with the TV show or name the film from the soundtrack?

Quiz Questions

You can write your questions with an open answer, or with multiple choice options for people, or a round where they have to guess ‘true’ or ‘false’ or another binary choice such as ‘variety of apple or paint colour’.

As a group/household you could all create a round each (of around 10 questions), then share your rounds during a quiz session – this could be done in person, or over the internet if you want to include a wider group.

Take it Further

If you enjoyed building your own quiz, why not try writing your own mini zine or making your own game of Top Trumps to play with friends and family.

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