Birds Stories

make something inspired by a story about birds


Bird Stories

There is a wonderful selection of short stories about birds here.

Choose one or two of the stories and read them out loud together. Talk about how the different characters in the story might have felt. What might happen next? What was your favourite bit of the story?

Creative Response

How has the story inspired you? Can you respond to it in your own creative way? You could draw a picture, make up a poem or a song, design a dance like a bird, write a different ending or continue the story in your own way.

Write your own bird story

Watch for birds in your garden or the park and imagine the stories they might star in. Could you write a story about a bird you have seen? Think about who their family are, where they live, if they have friends and what they like to do. What kind of adventures might they go on?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed your bird imaginings, why not check out our Bird Behaviour activity and engage with the birds living near you. Or if you want to do more writing, check out how to make your own mini zine!

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