Chalk Walk

Plan a walk through your local area leaving messages for people who follow on the same route


Plan a route for a walk that can be be done in about 45 minutes around your local area. Then send it out to everyone in your group. Everyone can do the walk at different times in their household groups  — leaving chalk messages or track and trail markers for those who walk the route after them.

Email your group

Send out an email like the following with the route map:

The route

A walk of the imagination through your local area of five years in the future, a place which is the best place it could be. While you actually travel through the streets of now ask yourself: What would I put here? What would I replace the disused car park with? What would I do with the school? How would I change the walk along the river? What else would you change for yourself, for your friends and for the group?

The practicalities

You can walk, scooter, cycle or wheelchair the walk in the physical world, in which case you can leave chalk drawings or messages on the ground. If you can’t do the walk physically then you could use google streetview to visit the places on the walk and think about your best future town. You can go as a household or, if you are able to follow the map and cross the roads safely, you could go by yourself. The walk itself is 3/4 hour at a reasonable pace, and longer if any chalking or dawdling is done.


You could discuss in a meeting afterwards any thoughts you have had about your local area. Are there any improvements that you could imagine making?

Take it Further

Draw a map or make a model including your improvements, you could look at My Perfect World for inspiration.

Why not send your ideas to your local council or Mayor.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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