Choose Your Superpower

Tell us what you love about your eyes or sight and why it is so important to you?


This is a chance for sighted people to explore their ability to see and what it brings them. What does sight mean to you? Sight is one of the ways that we experience the world around us. How will you choose your superpower? Would you choose sight over another new superpower?

Choose Your Super Power

Have a think about a super power you would like to have. It might be to be able to fly, run faster than the speed of light, be invisible, conjure up spaghetti bolognese whenever you wanted… the opportunities are endless!

How would that super power make you feel? What would you do with it? How would it change your life for the better? Would there be any downsides? You could write this down or draw your super power. Tell someone else about your super power or just have a think about it.


Think up all the good and positive things about being able to see the world around us. How does what you can see through your eyes make you feel? What is good about being able to see? Are there any bad things? In an average day – or even in the past half hour – what have you relied on your sight to be able to do?

The Choice

Would you swap your ability to see to get your super power?

Why did you make that decision? Was it an easy or hard decision to make? Could you ask others in your family, household and friendship group what they would choose and why?

You could make a video, draw a picture or write a quote about what your sight means to you or how you might feel if you lost your sight. Sight could be seen by some as a super power as it allows us to do so much, see so much and explore the world through our eyes.

Take it Further

This activity was inspired by our friends at Eye Heroes. They work hard by visiting schools and youth groups to spread the word about eye health and the importance of looking after our eyes.

Send us your pictures, videos or quotes as this helps organisations like Eye Heroes reach more people and help prevent sight loss and raise awareness. Don’t forget to use #DreamBigAtHome

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This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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