Would You Rather game

A fun thought experiment


Would You Rather is a fun and deeply silly thought experiment game.  You can play with any number of people and it can last for as long or as short as you would like.

How to Play the Game

Take it in turns to suggest two mad ideas and ask “would you rather…”. Everyone else votes which they would rather.

For example:

  • Would you rather have feathers for fingers or flippers for feet?
  • Would you rather never eat cheese again or only eat cheese forever?
  • Would you rather live high up on a snowy mountain or deep in a dark forest?
  • Would you rather wear a chicken as a hat or frogs for shoes?
  • Would you rather eat your own hand or someone else’s foot?
  • Would you rather all food tasted of paper or all drinks tasted of flour?
  • Would you rather forget how to dance or forget how to run?
  • Would you rather you smelled like a horse or everyone smells of horses to you?
  • Would you rather be able to fly or be able to become invisible?
  • Would you rather have elbows for knees or knees for elbows?
  • Would you rather have a giant mouth or a tiny nose?

For some questions it might be fun to explore different people’s answers and reasoning.  Is there a general consensus amongst you? Or are there some people who are often the outliers? Do people choose differently if they vote ‘blind’ (without knowing how everyone else is voting)? Do you like to choose straight away on impulse, or carefully consider your answer?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed this silliness and want more games to make you laugh as you wrap your brain around them, why not try How’s Yours? or a crazy word guessing game like Spanish Omelette or French Toast?

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