Egg drop challenge

Use your ingenuity and skill to drop an egg from height without it breaking


Dare you take the egg drop challenge? Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to drop a raw egg from a height without it breaking…

Firstly, choose your challenge:

  1. Decide how high you will drop your egg from – perhaps you want to start low and build up, perhaps you want to start with a really hard challenge.
  2. Work out how you will get the egg high enough to drop – will you stand on a chair? A ladder? Drop it from a window? (Make sure that you are safe and on a sturdy item if you are climbing up high).
  3. Another version of this challenge asks you to transport your egg from one point to another e.g. over the length of your garden / across a small stream in the park / between two trees in a woodland.


Secondly, assemble your materials:

  1. Look around your house and gather anything that could work to protect the egg in flight – or transport it safely from one place to another. You might want to consider: newspaper, bubble wrap, fabric, tissue paper, toilet roll, wool, plastic packaging, cardboard…
  2. Assemble a kit for transforming these materials into an egg saving machine – scissors, glue, sellotape, string, needle and thread…
  3. You may want to cook yourself a hard boiled egg to practice with – this will be a bit sturdier than a raw egg and might be useful for a ‘dress rehearsal’.


Thirdly, consider your approach:

  1. Soft wrappings around the egg
  2. A parachute
  3. A ‘crumple zone’ where it lands to cushion the impact
  4. Another approach of your own!

Once you are ready, and perhaps had a practice with your hard boiled egg, get ready, do a countdown, and drop your raw egg…



Take it further:

If you choose the ‘travel an egg’ version rather than the dropping challenge how far can you get it? What obstacles can you avoid? Can you combine the two challenges where you have to travel the egg to the point of dropping it? If you are somewhere where it is safe to light a fire, can you travel your egg to somewhere you can cook it (a boiling pan of water for it to drop into / a frying pan on a fire for it to crack into)?

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