Family Tree

Think about your history by making your own family tree


If we want to know and understand other people better, we need to start with knowing ourselves. One part of who we are is our family and our ancestors. Draw your family tree, showing all your relatives and ancestors.

Making a Family Tree

  • Take a piece of paper, and write your name near the bottom in the middle.
  • Next to you add the names of any brothers and sisters. You could put them in age order if you want.
  • Above write your parents’ names, and their brothers and sisters.
  • Above your parents write their parents’ names and so on.

How far back can you go? You will probably need to ask your parents, grandparents and other relatives to help you fill in the gaps.

How wide can you go? Do you know the partners and children of your parent’s siblings? What about any step family? Or the siblings of your grandparents?

Extending your tree

Next to each person you may want to write the year they were born and, if relevant, when they died. Add any extra information you can find out such as where they came from and what job they did.

Keep your family tree in a safe place – maybe you will want to show it to your own children in the future.

Take it Further

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