Flower Walk

Go for a walk and look for fabulous flowers


The to take a flower walk. That’s a walk where as you go you look out for all the different types of flowers you can see.

Things to look out for on your flower walk

Can you see some that are big and some that are small? How about spotting flowers that grow on stalks and flowers that grow on trees? How many petals do they have?  Are they all the same number? What colours can you see?

Recording your findings

You could take a photo of the flowers you find, or draw a picture of them.  You could. take a sketch book to do drawings as you go, or remember them to draw when you get home.

How many different types of flower did you see? Do you know what plants they are from? If you would like to you could see if you can identify some of them. There is a great resource for identifying British wild flowers here, and lots of other resources on the web for other kinds of flowers.

Why not do the same walk in a month’s time and see if the flowers have changed?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed your flower walk you might. like to try making a natural colour palette or curating your very own matchbox museum.

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