Matchbox Museum

Find tiny treasures to showcase in your very own gallery


This is your chance to become a curator and make your own tiny museum in a matchbox.


What are the most amazing things you have seen in a museum or art gallery? What made them interesting? Has anything in a museum made you smile? What about make you laugh out loud? What is the biggest thing you have seen in a museum? How about the smallest thing?

Today you are going to make your own tiny museum, full of the most amazing and interesting things you can find in the park or your garden – or if you can’t get outside you could hunt around your house for tiny artefacts to add.

What to do

Remove the matches from a matchbox, or find another small container to be your museum.  Now hunt around for things to go in it. You can search with your bushcraft hat on for real wonderful things – the most perfect leaf, the roundest piece of gravel, the tiniest conker…. Or you can let your imagination run wild and discover a dragon’s tooth (some people might mistake it for a tiny stick, but you know the truth!), a magic daisy or the world’s first talking blade of grass.

Once you have finished you could give your museum a name, and make a poster to get in the crowds if you wanted – is there someone in your family who might want to visit your museum and get a guided tour from the curator (that’s you)? If so you can either introduce your artefacts in the matchbox, or spread them out on a sheet of paper so they are easier to look at individually.

Take it Further

Carry on your creativity by building a junk marble run or explore utopia with my perfect world.

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