Group Skipping

Three skipping games to test your skills


These group skipping games are great for three or four children at a time. One child at each end of the rope to turn it.  One or two people jump in the centre.

Snake Slither

This group skipping game is good for beginners or younger kids who have trouble timing their jumps with a swinging rope. For Snake, the rope stays on the ground. Have one person hold it at each end and wave it gently along the ground like a slithering snake. While they do this, the other players attempt to jump over it. Take turns being the jumper and the snake-mover (make sure to wipe equipment before sharing with a different household / make sure young people antibac hands before swapping?).

Birthday Jump

Get the jumper to jump into the skipping rope when prompted. For example by calling the month of their birthday “When I call your birthday You must jump in. January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December”.  Young people can join in the skipping when their birthday is called.

If you manage this without messing up, you can jump out on the second round — and repeat until it goes wrong!


“Sausage in a pan, Sausage in a pan, Turn ‘em ‘over, turn ‘em ‘over, (young people have to turn to face the other direction, then back again) Sausage in a pan.”

Take it Further

If you enjoyed these group skipping games, you might want to try going on a Penny Hike or playing The Rule of the Game.

It is great we are starting to have face to face activities again – make sure you and your group stay safe by following our latest guidelines on physical meetings.

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