Youth Group Takeover

Planning their own group night


This is a structure for a youth takeover of your group.

Mapping a Session

Discuss the structure of a ‘typical’ group night. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to reflect on how the switch to online has gone.

First everyone needs to draw a ‘map’ of a Group Session. It could start with ‘arriving at group’ and end with ‘the goodbye circle’. In between might be games, a craft activity, singing, nature activities, discussions etc.

Each part of the session can be illustrated with cartoon drawings and lots of colour. The session each person maps could be a remembered night or an imagined session.

Map Reading and Sharing

Share the maps with everyone – if you are on a video. call. you could use screen sharing to do this. Have a discussion about what the ‘best’ activities are. Are there any activities which people would like to see more of?Is the ‘normal’ structure working for everyone? What might be some alternatives?

Youth Group Takeover – planning

Using their maps, take time for each person in the group to plan a group session. They can be as inventive as you like, including inviting parents or friendly adults in to help run a session.

Discuss the plans as a group. Allow everyone to suggest changes or additions and to praise things that they like the look of.

Decide which of the ideas the group wants to try out. Make a timetable of when they can be put into practice!

Youth Group Takeover – doing it!

Over the next sessions, support each person to deliver the session they planned.

At the end of each youth planned session discuss how the session went. What worked well? What was tricky? Would anyone change anything in their plan? Is there something people would like to do again? Have people enjoyed this exercise? Is planning something that people would enjoy doing more of? Are there ways everyone could support planning other than running a whole group session?

Take it Further

If you enjoyed the Youth Takeover, you could try Check Your Privilege or Flip Flopping.

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