Flip Flopping

Find out how good you are at seeing things from someone else's perspective in this quick fire game


Flip Flopping is a quick fire game all about finding out about both sides of an argument.

Setting Up

In your group or household gather together suggestions for topics that individuals have strong opinions on. These could be things close to home – bed time, school uniform, chores, favourite or least favourite foods. They could also be part of the national political debate – the voting age, use of cars, smoking. Or you could choose things with an international impact – flying in aeroplanes, the death penalty, the right to move between countries.

Write each topic on a slip of paper and fold it up.

Flip Flopping

Choose one person to time keep and one person to speak. The speaker picks a topic at random from the slips of paper and starts speaking either for or against the issue. After some time (say 45 seconds) the time keeper makes a noise and the speaker should immediately flip to making the opposite argument. Repeat for as long as each person can go on, or until everyone has had a go.

How did it feel to argue strongly on both sides of a debate? Did anyone change their mind about anything? What were the most persuasive arguments? What was the hardest viewpoint to argue?

Take it further

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