In the picture

Discussion the way young people are shown in articles, photos and adverts in the media.


In the picture is a great activity to get thinking about how the media portrays young people.

Before you begin

Gather a variety of magazines and newspapers. Try to make sure that they all include some images or text about young people. You could also ask members of the group to bring with them some of their own magazines or newspapers to have a bigger range to choose from.


Using the magazines and newspapers, cut out as many different pictures and clippings as you can find about young people to make a quick collage. Ask the group to think about and then come together to discuss the messages that the images and clippings in the collages give about young people.

  • Are they negative or positive?
  • What sorts of themes – for example, clothes or behaviour – do they convey?
  • Are these images realistic?
  • Are there any groups of young people not represented in the collages?
  • How do you think older people might describe young people? Where do they get these ideas from?
  • If you had a choice, how would you like people to see you?

Take it further

Can you create a collage, or draw a picture, representing how you would like yourself and other young people to be seen? What does it show? Who does it include? What words would you use to describe it?

Your group could try power of pictures to look further into how others are represented in the media.

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