Grow Your Own Pride Flag


Learn how to grow your own pride flag to mark LGBT+ history month, and celebrate equality at anytime throughout the year. Flags can be used to show solidarity, understanding and unity with a particular group, they are a marker of identity and of celebration.

The Rainbow Flag

Watch this short video to find out about the history of the rainbow flag representing LGBT+ communities.

The original pride flag was the rainbow in the video above, but it has continues to morph and change over the years to raise awareness and show solidarity with other groups such as the trans and bisexual communities and people of colour. You could do some research to see how many different pride flags you can find.  There is a good selection of different pride flags and their origins here. Which flag are you most excited by?

Making your Flag

Firstly fold or cut your paper towel into a rectangle, the same shape as the pride flag you have chosen

Next get your coloured pens, (washable are best for this activity). Colour each short edge of your rectangle with the beginning of your flag colours. Try to make sure that your colours line up on both ends as much as possible. Make your colours very bold so that the colour can spread more easily

Fill your bowls with enough water to put about half of your coloured section into the water. Depending on the size of your flag you may need to hold it up in the middle with a glass but it should hold by itself.

Wait just a few seconds to see your flag colours grow! There’s science behind this – the fibres in the paper towel/kitchen roll soak up the water from the bowls and spread the colours across the towel.

Once your colours have met in the middle your flag is complete! Leave your flag to dry and then you can hang it up to celebrate LGBT+ History Month, Pride month or celebrate equality and diversity all year round.

Take it Further

This activity was inspired by Just Like Us a charity whose mission is to empower young people to champion LGBT+ equality. They have lots of activities and resources to explore around LGBT+ identity, you will find them here.

If you enjoyed this activity and learning about pride flags why not make your own miniature pride parade or you could try floating flowers to wow your friends and share messages of hope, positivity and equality.

This is a weekly challenge activity. Why not share a photo of what you achieve on social media using the hashtag #DreamBigAtHome?

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